Welcome! Joe Stanky and The Cadets have been performing for over 25 years appearing at venues from Texas to Massachusetts and Florida to Michigan. They are known for their versatility providing audiences with a variety of musical stylings including Polkas, Country, Rock n’ Roll, and specialty tunes. The group consists of five members: Joe Stanky the leader on Violin and Vocals; Veteran member Bob Smurlo performs on Piano, Bass and Synthesizer; Former leader of The Pennsylvania Merry Makers John Evanina does the Trumpet work and Vocals; Mike Magdon successful owner of Magdon Music keeps the beat on drums; and Nick Nidoh formerly of the New Brass and Mass Brass is on Accordion and Vocals. Look for them at many popular Polka spots, Picnics, Clubs and Lounges across the Northeast bringing the finest musical entertainment your way.

A New Release for 2013!
The Pennsylvania MerryMakers ‘Reunion’ CD

Featuring: John Evanina, Joe Stanky, Alan Piatkowski, Tom Butash, Mike Magdon, Father Stephen Evanina, and Bill Erdman
16 great tunes (13 polkas, 3 waltzes, & 1 oberek)!
Hear Poor Man's Gold from the album now!

To order now, simply make check for $15 payable to ‘Joe Stanky’ and remit to: Joe Stanky, 320 Espy St, Nanticoke, PA 18634

Full TV Shows of the Cadets Live On YouTube!
Watch the Cadets live at Binghamton's WSKG TV Studios in 2010.
Three full half-hour shows are now viewable.
Show 1
, Show 2, and Show 3
New Cadets DVDs available now!
Live shows from 2010, 2004, and 1989 are now available.
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Cadets Now On YouTube!
Watch the Cadets live (and uncensored) at NY Mills, NY -
Tune 1
, Tune 2 , and Tune 3
Free Cadets Tunes!
Six tunes by the Cadets are now available for free download in the News and Discography areas of the site. Happy downloading!
Sing Me Back Home Cover

'Sing Me Back Home' album on sale now!

CD $10
Cassette $8

Get the new CD/Cassette and others from The Cadets Here!

For Bookings Contact:
Joe Stanky
320 Espy St
Nanticoke, PA 18634

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